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5 Questions to Ask During Fall Car Care Month

October 1 marks the start of Fall Car Care Month.  With the wintry weather not too far off, the team at JA Autowerks wants to remind you of some quick and easy ways to ensure your Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche or other German automobile is ready for the harsh winter weather so you can avoid emergency maintenance and repairs.  

As part of the Car Care Council's "Be Car Care Aware" campaign, here are five steps to takewhile the fall foliage is changing color so your vehicle will be ready-for-the-road when the snow flakes are falling.  

5 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche

1. Are your battery connections clean?  Frigid air is a batteries worst enemy.  By checking your battery and charging systems now, be confident you won't have an unexpected battery failure when the winter temperatures are in full effect.  Overall, it is recommended that you replace batteries that are more than three years old no matter time of year.

2.  Is your HVAC system working properly?  While the daily temps are still mild, make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are working properly.  This is a critical safety issue above just interior comfort, as defrosting capabilities are so important during winter months.  In addition, check your air filters and wiper blades and replace any blades that are torn or cracked.  Fall is also an opportune time to take note of your fluid levels in the washer reservoir.

3.  How are your tires?
  Tire pressure and tread depth is an importance safety measure to consider anytime of year, but particularly during the winter.  Whether you do it yourself or rely on a professional, check for any nails, bald spots or irregularities in your tires.  We reccomend swapping out your standard tires for winter tires if you live in the Northeast as an added safety measure to combat the snow, ice and sludge.  The Car Care Council reccomends you check the tire pressure in your car every week during winter months.

4.    Did you check your brake system?  Look at your brake linings, rotors and drums before winter sets in.  You don't want to doubt your vehicles braking capabilities when snow and ice are on the road.

5.  Do you have a maintenance program in place?  Maintaining your vehicle on an ongoing basis is the best way to combat unexpected issues and unplanned-for repairs.  Have your car in-the-shop when it is convenient for you, not the other way around.  Work with the JA Autowerks team to determine your vehicle's immediate and long-term maintenance needs so you can drive your car with confidence any time of year.    

If you are interested in discussing winter maintenance packages, contact a JA Autowerks team member for more information!

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