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5 Tips to Make Your Volkswagen Last

For the past few years, our VW mechanics have built a solid relationship with some of the local New Jersey members of TDIClub (www.TDIclub.com). We have learned that most members commute more than 100 miles per day and prefer to keep their vehicle on the road up to and over the 200,000-mile mark.  JA Autowerks understands that quality repairs , performed in a timely manner within the given budget, is a must.  We have helped New Jersey TDI owners keep their cars on the road up to the half-million-mile mark.  Since, becoming a recognized NJ Volkswagen TDI expert, we have learned that most of our Volkswagen customers have similar needs: a trustworthy repair shop, that understands that their vehicleis their lifeline.


From Volkswagen Beetle, Jetta, Golf, Passat to the Tiguan, Touareg, and Phaeton, JA Autowerks has been helping VW owners keep their vehicles running at their best for over a decade.

Here are a few tips to keep your Volkswagen running at its best:

1.       Fill up with the recommended fuel type.  Most Volkswagens on the road today are turbocharged; in fact, Volkswagen has more turbocharged vehicles on the road today than any other auto manufacture.  Turbocharged Volkswagens require PREMIUM Fuel or 93 OCTANE, if you fuel up with anything less, you are robbing your Volkswagen of performance, fuel economy, and wearing out spark plugs prematurely.  

2.       Check air pressure in your tires at least once per month.  Every Volkswagen comes with a Cold Tire Inflation Pressure stick the lets you know what tire pressures are best for your vehicle.

3.       Don’t Race to Red Lights. By coasting to a red light at an intersection, you will extend the life of your Volkswagen’sbrakes, tires, suspension parts and save money on fuel.

4.       Address vehicle warning lights.  When your vehicle has a Check Engine Light on, the engine’s computer is telling you that your vehicle is not running at 100 percent.

5.       Keep up with the recommended Volkswagen Scheduled Maintenance for your model. Our highest mileage customers follow their maintenance schedule religiously, and get into the habit of checking their fluid levels about once a month.


Have questions about the tips listed above? Contact the JA Autowerks team at (732) 268-7381 to set up a free multi-point inspection for your Volkswagen.

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